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The Fishery Site

Theale Fisheries own site comprises of two mature lakes extending to almost 23 acres of water, set in 49 acres of secluded surroundings by the banks of the River Kennet in Berkshire. Most of the remaining land is mixed broadleaf woodland in various stages of development. Additionally we manage the fishing on Theale 2, an adjacent mature gravel pit of around 29 acres, which is the second syndicate on the complex.

Situated just to the South of Theale, 10 miles from Reading, in we are only 2 miles from Junction 12 of the M4 and the national motorway network, so have excellent transport links. The car park area is immediately inside the main gate and just a short walk from the day ticket fishery.

Security is important to us so access is restricted to members, day ticket holders and authorised visitors only. All gates must be closed and locked immediately after entry or exit and the code numbers are regularly changed.

Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) is continuing to spread around the country; 2016 was a very bad year with 34 confirmed outbreaks including nearby in Surrey and at Bristol. A list of all affected waters is available at (link from here) and any remaining fish will potentially be carriers of the virus and so any of those waters are not safe.

Any damp or wet fishing tackle or gear is a huge risk (not just landing nets) so make sure all your gear is clean and completely, thoroughly dry before entering onto the fishery. Thorough drying, ideally in sunlight, is the best form of disinfection. Net dips cannot be relied upon due to contamination, dilution, exposure time and the fact that many items are never dipped; it is not just about nets but also retainers, slings, mats, stink bags and even potentially moisture in tubing or in braid !. Anything, infact, that has been in contact with fish or the water.

Protect the Fish - Make absolutely sure it is all DRY.