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Carp Stocks

Because there are no comprehensive up to date records compiled, the original carp stocks in the lakes are still somewhat unknown. This is something we are working on and will try to build a photographic record of the original fish.

At the current time what we do know is:

Island Lake

This lake was stocked with 800 small 'Sutton Strain' carp in 2008 and it is estimated that there are still in excess of 100 of these and other originals present. To compliment this original stock we added 60 of our own young fish in the 5-8lb bracket. some of which are now approaching 'twenties'. Photos of all the stockies are on the Island Lake 'stockies' page. The recent lake record is 30lb with at least five fish having been out over 24lb and a number of other low 'twenties' present.

Theale 1

We were told that there were around 35 'originals' and 'Simmos' in Theale 1 with at least three over 40lb as well as a number of 30's and some 'Sutton Strain' fish in the 20lb bracket. So far the only reported 'fourty' is the 'pig' at up to 42lb 10oz and there have been several other 'twenties' and 'thirties' including a rarely caught common at 33lb, so there may yet be some suprises.

We have added 315 of our own stunning fish between 8lb and 16lb 8oz, which are generally showing excellent growth rates. Photos of all of them are on the Theale 1 'stockies' page

Theale 2

It is estimated that there are between 300 - 400 carp in T2 with many now being low / mid 'twenties' and with a number of upper 'twenties' and low / mid 'thirties'. The new lake record is 41lb 2oz. No additional stocking of Theale 2 will take place.

Our Own Fish

For those of you interested to know more about what we have stocked.We have several gene pools or 'strains' of fish which have all been grown on by ourselves, mostly from about 1-2oz apart from 'Phil's fish' which were almost 2lb before they were stocked out.

Most of our fish are Sherwoods Carp Farm fish, which, many believe to be the source of the original stocking of Dinton Pastures White Swan Lake. This is the home of what has become known as the 'Dinton Strain' which has a good track record of developing into 'forties'. Around 250 of the fish are true strain straight from the farm and a further 150 were progeny of Sherwoods originals stocked into a private fishery in Dorset. These may have naturally crossed with some 'Simmos' which were also believed to have been stocked there and some certainly have high shoulders.  We also have some 'Springs' fish ; all mirrors which are descendants of the original Broad Oak fish, which also readily made 40s.

Finally we have a small number of what we call 'Phil's fish'. These were individually hand selected and grown by Phil Court from a managed cross between Sherwoods originals and some true 'Leney's'; these all have large scales and are certainly above average.

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