Anglers Code of Conduct



  • Anglers must comply with all Theale Fisheries Rules and The Fish Care Code of Conduct.
  • Anglers must only fish their own water. Anglers fishing across swims or more than half-way must reel back without question if another angler turns up to fish that swim.
  • Anglers must show consideration to fellow anglers by keeping noise and disturbance to a minimum.
  • Anglers may not reserve swims for themselves or other anglers.
  • Anglers must not use brightly coloured tents or general camping equipment, only discreet or recognised bivvy or brolly systems.
  • Any audio-visual equipment must be kept at low volume to avoid annoyance to other anglers and neighbours. This includes audible bite alarms.
  • Anglers must not use continuously burning bright lights but may use shaded bivvy lights. Torch use must be kept to a minimum.
  • Anglers must not use abusive or threatening behaviour towards other anglers, bailiffs or members of the public.

Fish Care Code of Conduct


  • All anglers must use a large, knotless mesh landing net and large padded unhooking mat for all fish.
  • Carp sacks and keepnets are prohibited. Fish may only be retained in a landing net or retainer for a short period of time to arrange photography
  • Fish must never be left un-attended on the mat at any time and must be kept wet at all times. When photographing fish watches, rings and any other articles which may damage them must be removed and the fish held low over the mat; anglers must not stand up with them.
  • Any hook holds and other damage should be treated with a proprietory antiseptic (eg Korda Carp Care kit) but care must be taken to avoid the gills and eyes.
  • When moving the fish use a landing net, weigh sling or zip mat, never carry the fish unsupported.  Fish should be returned as soon as possible after capture, support them in the water until they have recovered before releasing.
  • Any badly damaged, diseased or dead fish must be reported to Theale Fisheries immediately.