Fish Welfare Rules

  1. Abide by the fish care code of conduct.
  2. All fish caught must be returned to the lake they were caught from. No fish may be moved, killed or taken.
  3. No fish, fish eggs,fish fry or aquatic vegetation to be brought onto Theale Fisheries property under any circumstance. 
  4. No carp-sacks or keep-nets allowed on Theale Fisheries property.
  5. All anglers must have and use large knotless mesh landing nets and unhooking mats.
  6. All landing nets,weigh slings,unhooking mats and fish retainers must be throughly clean and totally dry on entry toTheale Fisheries property.
  7. Micro-barbed hooks only. No barbless hooks and no fully barbed sea hooks.
  8. No braided main line, except on spod and marker rods.
  9. No lead-core. No leaders - tubing only.
  10. No micro-braid hooklinks. (eg spiderwire etc)
  11. Single hook rigs only. Double hook set-ups, bent-hook rigs, long curve shank hooks, stainless steel hooks, double hooks and treble hooks are expressly forbidden.
  12. No deliberate foul hooking. Any angler observed in breach of this will have their ticket withdrawn immediately. 
  13. No permenantly fixed lead rigs. All leads MUST detach under pressure or be able to freely pass over knots.
  14. No 'stand alone' artificial baits (including on zig rigs); single grains of plastic corn and maggots may be used to tip food baits only. No maggot rings. No peanuts in any form, including bird mixes.
  15. All other nuts, seeds, peas and beans must be properly prepared and cooked. PLEASE USE IN MODERATION.
  16. No high oil (above 15%), out of date or rancid feed pellets. Higher oil pellets may be used as hookbaits only. If you are using pellets you must bring the original label to showing date and oil level.
  17. No rods with baited hooks to be left unattended either in or out of the water. This includes static rods left while stalking or lure fishing.
  18. Theale Fisheries reserves the right for bailiffs to check rigs and / or baits even if this requires anglers to reel in.