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Theale 2

The largest lake on the complex, Theale 2 is a mature gravel pit extending to approximately 29 acres with heavily tree lined banks. It has many features with several islands and a number of bars and snags. There is virtually no weed, apart from some blanket-weed on the bars but there is a crayfish population and zebra mussles. Bank access is restricted with 'out of bounds' areas but most of the water can be covered from the 20 swims on the lake.


Exact numbers of carp are unknown but Theale 2 is estimated to hold 300 - 400 carp. Many are low /mid 'twenties' with a number of upper 'twenties' and low / mid 'thirties'; the recent lake record is 41lb 2oz. This one and some of the 'upper twenties' and 'thirties' are below and for more T2 fish click here.

Not everyone, but some of those anglers who have got to know it well regard it as something of a 'runs' water with fish being caught all year round and with multiple catches the norm.

T2 Copse Bay T2 Lazy T2 Woolwich Bank  

Other fish include tench and bream which are regularly caught by carp anglers and there are also pike and roach present.

More information about the T2 Syndicate can be found HERE

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