About Theale Fisheries


Theale Fisheries is a family run business started with the aim of developing an excellent carp fishery in outstanding surroundings; with emphasis on fish welfare.

Whilst this is a long term project we were planning a fishery development for a number of years with the pre-rearing of our own hand selected stock of fish.

Mr Fulton has a HND in Fish Farming and Fishery Management and a life time's experience with fish, fishery management and lake maintenance. As a fish health consultant and a life-long angler we believe he has the experience, ability and foresight to create something special over the coming years.


Theale Fisheries is a member of the Angling Trust and believes all anglers should sign up to support their work in fighting for the future of fishing on behalf of all of us. The more individual members they have the more 'political weight' they will carry when lobbying on fishery issues such as cormorant predation and environmental issues like river abstraction and the more finances they will have available for fighting for anglers and the promotion and development of angling.

There is a link to the Angling Trust home page HERE where you can join on line. (Please note: This is an external link and Theale Fisheries are not responsible for any content of the site).