Island Lake Day Ticket Fishery

As Theale Fisheries' day ticket water, the intimate Island Lake extends to approximately 2.8 acres and has one large island. We have fifteen, low level, purpose built swims and we restrict the number of anglers to a maximum of eight session and two daylight tickets at any given time. This supports our desire to maintain a healthy stock of fish and make fishing here a more pleasurable experience.

With its reed-fringed margins and overhanging bushes Island Lake provides exciting margin fishing for those anglers prepared to sit back quietly; alternatively fishing the island margins for patroling fish or open water for the prolific 'bubblers' can provide excellent results.

 23hr Session tickets and shorter Daylight tickets are available through this website but must always be purchased in advance. No tickets are sold on the bank and no one is allowed to fish without a ticket.

Please ensure that you are up to date with our revised Rules and Terms & Conditions, including the Island Lake Additional Rules and Ammendments.  Junior anglers, under 16, must be accompanied by an adult at all times while those aged 16 to 18 can fish unsupervised providing a parental consent form is completed in advance.


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    The current carp stock is estimated to be around 150 fish. Three different fish have now been caught at 30lb+ and over 50 different 'twenties' reported since we restarted the records in 2022; most of the others are 'upper doubles'.  Some of the twenties are featured and to see more Island Lake fish click HERE.

    With the right approach this is a year round venue with fish caught every month of the year; even when its almost completely frozen!

    Island Lake is securely 'otter fenced' to protect the fish however the biggest risk to the 'Fishery' is that of disease introduction through contaminated equipment.

    The continuing spread of diseases such as Koi Herpes Virus (KHV), Carp Edema Virus (CEV) and Spring Viraemia of Carp (SVC) means 'biosecurity' is of paramount importance and you can click HERE for more information on these. The "Check, Clean, Dry" regieme not only protects against viral disease but will also prevent the spread of other fish parasites and 'non-native' aquatic plant and animal species.

    Any damp or wet fishing tackle or gear is a huge risk (not just landing nets) so make sure all your gear is clean and completely, thoroughly dry before entering onto the fishery. Thorough drying, ideally in sunlight, is the best form of disinfection. Net dips alone cannot be relied upon due to contamination, dilution, exposure time and the fact that many items are never dipped; it is not just about nets but also slings, mats, stink bags and even potentially moisture in tubing or in braid !. Anything, infact, that has been in contact with fish or the water.

    Protect the Fish - Make absolutely sure it is all DRY.

    In response to the increasing threat of these viral diseases we have installed a disinfection or 'dip tank' along the path between the car park and the lake. Disinfection of all landing nets, unhooking mats, weigh slings and water buckets is compulsory for all anglers. (carp sacks and keep nets are not allowed on the Fishery.).

    Equipment must be completely submerged in the solution of Virkon Aquatic for 5 minutes before proceeding onto the lake and single-use gloves are provided for this purpose.

    Live camera's cover the dip tank and gateway with images and audio recorded so ensure you comply with this rule. Anyone found to have not disinfected all their gear in accordance with the dip tank instructions will be asked to leave and will be banned from all Theale Fisheries property for life.

    In 2023 we invested in solar and wind aeration systems on Island Lake as an eco-friendly way to help protect the fish from the effects of a warming climate. Please do not fish directly on top of or just over the "bubbles" as you are likely to snag the airlines.

    Ticket Prices 2024.

    March to November. £ 25.00 for a 23hr session ticket or £ 15.00 for a daylight ticket.

    December to February. £18.00 for a 23hr session ticket and £ 12.00 for a daylight ticket.

    Lake Exclusive bookings 2024.

    Island Lake is also available to book on an 'exclusive' basis at a cost of £140.00 weekdays and £180.00 weekend days and bank holidays per 23hr period during March to November.  Bookings during December to February are  £120.00 per day.

    For more information on our lake exclusive bookings please click HERE

    To check day ticket availability or to book tickets you can visit the shop HERE.