Theale 2 Syndicate Membership


At around 29 acres Theale 2 is the second syndicate lake under the management of Theale Fisheries and being heavily tree lined with numerous islands is very different in appearance to T1.

Potential members are advised that as the lake belongs to Woolwich Green Farm the owners reserve the right for themselves, their guests and staff to use rowing boats on the water at any time, without prior notice. There are also access restrictions on some of the banks to protect their privacy. Any member abusing or threatening 'boaters' or fishing 'out of bounds' will have their permit withdrawn.

 With only 20 swims on the lake the syndicate is restricted to 40 members. Most of the swims are along the Bottom Lane Bank (Copse, Lazy, Beach etc), and there are several on First Point facing Bottom Lane and the Islands; additionally there are three on the Woolwich Bank and one at the start of Second point, facing into the bay on the left. The end of Second Point is one of the 'out of bounds' areas.

There are over-head power lines running along the Bottom Lane Bank so members must exercise extreme caution when fishing .

Syndicate membership for the coming season of 1st April 2022 - 31st March 2023 will be £ 360 for the full year. There will be no close season and no additional cost for spring tickets or bait boat permits so we believe this is excellent value. New members will additionally have to pay a one off a joining fee of £ 30 for administrative purposes.

The syndicate is currently FULL

There are several additional Syndicate Lake rules or ammendments, some of which have been put in place to try and prevent future problems and promote a friendly atmosphere where members help each other rather than 'in-fighting' as occurs on so many 'circus' waters.

Existing syndicate members will be guaranteed places at renewal and then any available memberships offered to the waiting list in date order of registration of interest. Those on the waiting list who are offered places and decline will be removed from the list and will have to re-register their interest and start again. Individuals may only have one registration per syndicate at any given time.

The waiting list is currently closed.