Theale 1 Syndicate - Additional Rules & Ammendments

  1. Maximum three rods allowed (members using 3 rods must have the appropriate Environment Agency rod licence)
  2. Fishing from 'constructed swims' only; no fishing in-between swims or from the Brook Bank of the 'snags' area.
  3. No member owns any swim, if you pre-bait a swim it does not give you the exclusive right to fish that swim.
  4. No member may fish the same swim for more than 72 hours consecutively and they cannot return to that swim within 24 hours.
  5. No swim may be reserved other than by an angler who has left tackle in the car park and is returning immediately to fish. In this circumstance only the placement of an obvious bait bucket for a period of no longer than 30 minutes is deemed acceptable. It is forbidden to reserve swims for anglers not on Theale Fisheries property.
  6. Fishing in the 'snags' area is maximum two rods and daytime only. Do not fish past the nearest snags to you. Bait boats are prohibited in the snags area.
  7. All fish welfare equipment (mats/cradles, retainers/slings, landing nets & water buckets) is provided and members must not bring any such equipment on to the site or remove any of Theale Fisheries equipment from the site. These items must be collected at the start of your visit and replaced in the same shed they were taken from at the end of your visit.
  8. Bait boats are only allowed by additional permit and provided they are used sensibly; not to fish in snags or water where the result of a take will be a snagged fish, in or across other anglers water or at extreme range. Permits will be issued free of charge but misuse will result in the permit being withdrawn, with no replacement ever available for that member.
  9. When fishing the 'naked chod' or 'helicopter' style rigs it is permissible for the bottom 4" (maximum) to be stripped-out leadcore sleeve or braid as long as beads and swivels can freely pass over the join.
  10. Stage stands are prohibited. 
  11. Bivvy pegs/ banksticks etc must NOT be inserted into the path surface under any circumstances as this will cause it to break up.
  12. No unaccompanied members under 16. 16-18 year old members have to return a signed parental consent form.
  13. Members may have one non-fishing guest during daylight hours only. You must go and let them in / out yourself and not disclose the gate codes to them. No non-members overnight other than non-fishing children at the sole responsibility of their parent.
  14. Guest tickts must be purchased in advance by arrangement and are subject to availability and at the discretion of Theale Fisheries.  Members may only have one guest at any one time. The guest must fish in the same or immediately adjacent swim to the member and will be bound by Theale Fisheries terms and conditions, rules and codes of conduct. The member will be held entirely responsible for the conduct of their guests. No guest tickets are available during April.
  15. Pike fishing lure fishing and spinning are permitted October 1st - March 31st inclusive; subject to the following rules.  
  • A wire trace must be used.   Single hooks or individual semi-barbed or barbless trebles only. Snap tackles are prohibited.  
  • NO LIVE BAITS - No exceptions.  
  • Only pre-frozen sea or trout dead baits. No coarse fish species dead baits.  
  • No pike gags or gaffs. Anglers must be in possession of long 8" + forceps.  
  • No lure fishing or spinning across static anglers water or within one swim either side of them. CHECK FIRST ignorance is no excuse.