Island Lake Ticket Purchase Information

                                                                                                IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON DAY TICKETS

We only sell 23hr day tickets which run from 9am till 8am the following morning.

You must not go on to the Fishery before 9am on the morning the ticket starts but you may turn up at 8:30 am and disinfect your equipment prior to your ticket start time. You must have packed up and left the car park before 8am the following day.

Obviously if you wish to only fish the day or night that is fine as long as you strictly adhere to the timings above.

If you have pre-purchased tickets for and are fishing a session of more that 24 hours then you can remain on the water for the additional hour between change overs but must have left by 8am on the final morning.

All tickets are subject to availability and are only sold in accordance with and acceptance of all Theale Fisheries Terms & Conditions, Rules and Codes of Conduct. (all available to view on this website). Pay particular attention to the dip tank requirements as outlined below.

Island Lake Day Ticket (2 rods maximum)

  • Tickets must be purchased in advance from our shop on this web-site; they cannot be purchased on the bank.
  • We do not allow non-fishing guests; anyone on the lake must have a valid ticket or prior permission. Anyone found on the Fishery without a ticket or prior permission will have to leave.
  • Strictly no fishing without a ticket; anyone fishing without a ticket will be banned from all Theale Fisheries property.
  • Tickets are non-transferable; all tickets must be purchased in the name and address of the person fishing.
  • Tickets are non-returnable and non-refundable; however in certain circumstances, at the complete discretion of Theale Fisheries, and with at least 48 hours prior notice refunds may be made but due to changes in PayPal's Refund Policy these will now incur a 10% refund fee.


Junior anglers under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (over 18). This adult may be fishing on their own ticket, in which case the junior may occupy an adjacent swim, or in a non-fishing supervisory role. Adults in a supervisory role only do not require a ticket but must complete the accompaniment form and so will be bound by Theale Fisheries terms and conditions, rules and codes of conduct. We do not offer concessionary rates but two juniors may fish with one rod each in the same swim, subject to the above accompaniment terms.

There are 15 swims on Island Lake but ticket sales are restricted to a maximum of 8 on any given day / night.

Very Important Information Regarding Fish Welfare

 Viral fish diseases are continuing to spread and any damp or wet tackle and equipment is not safe. Make absolutely sure all your fishing gear is clean and completely thoroughly dry before entering on to the fishery.

In addition all landing nets, stink bags, unhooking mats, weigh slings and water buckets must be thoroughly disinfected in the 'dip' tank according to the instructions provided at the 'dip' tank station before entering onto the fishery.

  If you cannot or are not prepared to comply with these requirements you must not buy a ticket.

                         Before you procced to the shop please read the following Equipment Disinfection Requirement Statement.

You will be asked to confirm this at Checkout.

Equipment Disinfection Requirement Statement

I fully accept and confirm that I am able to and will comply with the disinfection requirements above and that I will be on 24hr video surveillance and that failure to carry out this proceedure BEFORE I enter the Fishery will result in me having to leave the Fishery without refund and a ban from all Theale Fisheries waters