Theale 2 Syndicate Lake

The largest lake on the complex, Theale 2 is a mature gravel pit extending to approximately 29 acres with heavily tree lined banks, several islands and a number of bars and snags giving it an 'old school' feel very different in appearance to T1. In the last few years the lake has suffered from algal blooms and can become very weedy at times. There is a small crayfish population to contend with along with some zebra mussles.

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  • T2 Copse Bay
  • T2 Lazy
  • T2 Woolwich Bank

With only 20 swims on the lake the syndicate is restricted to 40 members. Most of the swims are along the Bottom Lane Bank (Copse, Lazy, Beach etc), and there are several on First Point facing Bottom Lane and the Islands; additionally there are three on the Woolwich Bank and one at the start of Second point, facing into the bay on the left. Bank access is restricted with several 'out of bounds' areas , including the House Bank and the end of Second Point but most of the water can still be covered.

There are over-head power lines running along the Bottom Lane Bank so members must exercise extreme caution when fishing .


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  • Friendly Mirror 30lb.14oz.jpg

    Following the algal related de-oxygenation and 'fish kill' in 2023 exact numbers of carp are unknown and so we are compiling a new record as captures are reported. So far six different 'thirties' to just under 33lb have been reported along with numerous 'twenties' to just under 30lb. Of the 'thirties' three are known, named, fish and three 'new' thirties but unfortunately the 'Fourty' was one which went. We have recently re-stocked sixty fish between 12lb 4oz and 25lb 4oz to replace those lost and prior to this drone footage has shown over seventy fish on several occasions including some of the ghosts and koi. Given the fact that the fish are never all visible at one time we would estimate the current stock to now be somewhere in the region of 200 fish.  Some of the remaining fish are featured here and for the newly stocked fish click HERE.

    More information about T2 Syndicate membership can be found HERE