Theale 2 Syndicate Lake

The largest lake on the complex, Theale 2 is a mature gravel pit extending to approximately 29 acres with heavily tree lined banks and many features including several islands and a number of bars and snags.  The lake does contain crayfish and zebra mussles and has had significant weed growth for the last couple of years which has allowed for successful spawning with some small carp recruitment taking place.

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  • T2 Copse Bay
  • T2 Lazy
  • T2 Woolwich Bank


Bank access is restricted with 'out of bounds' areas but most of the water can be covered from the 20 swims on the lake; spread between Bottom Lane, First & Second Points and the Woolwich Bank. 

  • 41lb 2oz T2 1016
  • 32lb 1017
  • 30lb 8oz T2
  • 31lb 5oz t2 x450
  • 30lb 4oz t2 x450
  • 30lb 9 11 13 t2
  • 35lb  8oz t2 x450
  • 31lb a t2 x450
  • 30lb 1017
  • t2 35
  • Best Version 30lb 5oz
  • 31lb 4oz.t2
  • 33lb t2 x450
  • 31.10t2
  • 30+ T2 319
  • 31lb 4oz t2
  • 32lb 2oz

Exact numbers of carp are unknown but Theale 2 is estimated to hold 300 - 400 carp of various strains stocked under Cemex and a number of ghosts and several koi as a result of past flooding. Average weights are increasing slowly year on year with large numbers of 'twenties' present and over 25 different 'thirties' reported. The recent lake record is a mirror of 46lb; the largest reported common is 27lb. The 'fourty' and some of the 'thirties' are featured and for more T2 'twenties' click HERE.

Not everyone, but some of those anglers who have got to know it well regard T2 as something of a 'runs' water with fish being caught all year round and with multiple catches the norm.


There are also plenty of bream and tench which are regularly caught by carp anglers with bream to 14lb+ and tench to 9lb + banked; there are also some pike and roach to just under 2lb have been caught..

More information about T2 Syndicate membership can be found HERE