Syndicate Membership and Day Ticket issue 'Terms & Conditions'

  1. Theale Fisheries reserves the right to refuse syndicate membership or issue of day ticket at its absolute discretion.
  2. Issue of a syndicate membership or day ticket confirms a 'right to fish' only for the named holder on the lake stipulated on the ticket only. All tickets remain the property of Theale Fisheries and must not be tampered with or altered in any way. Permits are non-transferable nor has any person other than the named ticket holder any right to enter Theale Fisheries property by authority of that ticket.
  3. Syndicate members and day ticket holders must carry their tickets at all times when on Theale Fisheries property and produce them on request. If you are unable to produce your ticket you may be asked to leave the Fishery.
  4. Syndicate members and day ticket holders may use rod and line only and must not fish by any other means. Landing nets may only be used for fish hooked with rod and line.
  5. Syndicate members and day ticket holders must not, while on Theale Fisheries property, use the same for any purpose other than angling or contravene any rules or code of conduct.
  6. Any syndicate member or day ticket holder having their ticket withdrawn or cancelled in accordance with the rules will lose their entitlement to fish or enter onto Theale Fisheries property with immediate effect.  In the event of any suspension, withdrawal or surrender of any syndicate membership or day ticket for any reason or cause whatsoever, no refund shall be payable by Theale Fisheries.  



By purchasing any Day Ticket or Syndicate Membership you are acknowledging and accepting ALL of our Terms and Conditions, Rules and Codes of Conduct.