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  1. Thanks to Dan for two reports from mid September with a couple of Island Lakes most sought after fish.

    25lb 4oz IL In mid September Dan banked the largest of the fully's at 25lb 4oz as part of a five fish catch with four other doubles and then returned a week later to bank a new Island Lake Pb in the shape of this 29lb 4oz mirror.

    29lb 4oz IL

  2. We have now completed works to close off more swims and install purpose built swim fronts to the remaining ones. The number of swims has been reduced to fifteen but obviously each one has more dedicated water; though all fishing on Island Lake remains short range or margin fishing. Due to the construction of the new swim fronts on Island Lake the rules have been updated to include the prohibition of 'stage stands' as these are completely un-necessary and only damage the wood-work. Fishing is only permissible from these purpose built swim fronts.